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Lets Pop Joy With Popcorns

Popcorn – Health the Joyful Way

No Funtime with family or no movie experience gets enjoyable without this whole-grain snack. I am here to talk about another hero without whom your theatre experience is incomplete. Out of the four varieties of corn, the magical popping nature of popcorn makes it the favorite snack of people across the globe.

8 -Facts About Popcorn 

  1. Oil popped popcorn contains only 35 calories per cup as the heart of the kernel is a healthy whole grain low in fat and calories.
  2. Popcorn was initially consumed as a breakfast cereal ground with milk and cream.
  3. Popcorn has no additives or preservatives and is naturally vegan and gluten-free.   
  4. It is loaded with zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins. 
  5. Academy of nutrition and dietetics recommends popcorns to be an easy way to boost fiber in the diet. 
  6. There are two shapes of popcorns butterfly and mushroom-shaped.
  7. October is celebrated as the popping month as it is the harvesting month of popcorns.
  8. Popcorn is not junk food until you add those cheezy flavorings in excess to it.

After harvesting, popcorn is dried until it reaches 14 % moisture content then It passes through a gravity separator that eliminates the small kernels. 

How the popcorn pops?

‘Every popcorn kernel has a drop of water in it. When popcorn is cooked at 200 degrees Celcius, the hull allows the pressure from the heated water to build and eventually pop up. And the starch present inside becomes gelatinous when heated. And, when the hull bursts, the starch spills out and cools in a beautiful butterfly or mushroom shape. 

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  1. I really miss going to movies and having popcorns…I guess more than movies, the charm has always been the popcorn. And after all these years, I am getting to know the facts about it now!


  2. I live on popcorn. Most days it’s my dinner. This is a wonderful detail about corn and how it pops. This is low cal but one should not eat Microwave corn. American corn is genetically modified.


  3. A simple quick read but full of so much value. Pop corn is the most underrated snack when it comes to healthy snacking. Loved your post


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