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BeeTee’s s Melt Chocolate – A product Review

Hello, everyone, This one is again a product review. I am so happy and excited to write this one as I love to write about chocolates. 

As a food technology blogger, I always look forward to writing about food products.

And this bean-to-bar Artisanal chocolate brand BeeTee’s melt in Chennai founded by Thamarai – A woman Entrepreneur brings you the best vegan and healthy cocoa delights you can enjoy guilt-free.

These chocolates come in three different avatars  

with different proportions of cocoa present in them.  

  1. 72% cocoa chocolate or most widely accepted as dark chocolates or fondly known as the healthiest form of chocolates. 
  2. 54 % cocoa chocolate or coconut milk chocolate is a trio of health, taste, and texture. Made with the goodness of Cocoa beans, coconut milk, palm sugar is the one for you if you are someone who enjoys coconut flavour-cocoa butter that melts in your mouth with every bite and takes your taste buds to a relishing ride.
  3. 48 % cocoa or sweetened milk chocolate is your regular chocolate.

Processing of BeeTee’s melt Chocolates 

A thank you blog Exclusive 

 At Beetee’s melt, they control every step of processing. They source cocoa beans from Vietnam and Kerala.

The beans are fermented in wooden crates, followed by sun-drying, roasting, and winnowing that separates the cocoa nibs, the part of the cocoa bean that is ideal for chocolate making. 

    After grinding and conching of cocoa nibs for 36 -48 hours, they get liquid chocolate which, on further tempering, moulding, and freezing, leads to the perfect final product.  

1. A great taste of the final product is ensured by professional chocolate tasters

2. Snap is the sound of breaking apart the piece of chocolate with an audible cracking sound and leaves a clean edge

3. To give that chocolaty mouthfeel at BeeTees melt, they do not separate the cocoa butter from the liquid chocolate.  

Product packaging

Product Review – BeeTee’s melt Artisanal vegan

True to their name, they do a very artistic packaging in three different colors for their 3-different product variants. 

If you want to know more about the health benefits, processing of chocolate, read my post here.

Beetees melt is a gluten-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free vegan chocolate brand that makes healthy palm oil-free nut butter.

They have special festive offers on their website. They also come up with exciting giveaways on their social handles

My take on BeeTee’s Melt chocolates

They offer what they promise and, the coconut milk chocolate was my favourite as I liked the flavour and taste of coconut and cocoa butter blend in the chocolate.

Go shop and make your Diwali sweeter with their vegan chocolates.

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