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Tilottama at a glance – Book Review

Tilottama at a glance

About the book

Tilottama At A Glance is a compilation of a series of blog posts written for the A to Z challenge. It’s not merely the A B Cs of Kolkata for a casual traveler. This book allows you to acquaint yourself with the heart and soul of a rather unusual Indian city with loads of quirks. It is a journey through the culture, history, architecture, idiosyncrasies and, other endearing or astonishing traits of Kolkata that make this city unique.

About the Author

Sreeparna Sen – A Banker by profession and computer engineer by education finds her solace in writing. She has authored the book Tales of Wizardencil and co-authored a few anthologies.
Some of her blogs had featured on various online platforms.
Currently living in the ‘City of Joy Kolkata, She aspires to be the Head of a bank, a bestselling author, and owner of a library.

The Thank You Blog Review

You can travel the world with a flip of a page”

I had never experienced the truth that dwelt in these words until I read this book.

In the order of alphabets in the English language, the book Tilottama at a glance took me through the city of kali puja.

Beginning from the culture of Adda- people getting together to have joyful conversations, boi the book love of the city, chai or coffee fascination, divine puja of Kolkata, and the 10 different compartments that make train of the puja a blissful experience food, sweets, pandal hopping, prayers, dunachi dance, dhasami- A day bidding adieu to the Goddess to looking forward to her next year visit.

Eden Gardens– One of the most beautiful stadiums in India, Kolkata being the football capital of India, Gaaner Opera – The way the author says every family is enthusiastic about bringing up a singer gives evidence of the music lovers that India’s National anthem author and composer has cultivated.

Howrah bridge is a symbol of the joyful city both in reel and real. Ilish fish that comprises and completes the Bengali taste and culture.

The Jaadu ghar museum would be a feast to your eye while the Kati rolls, Momo, chaats would make your taste buds dance to the tunes of the city’s authentic cuisine.

Trams once found in all the Indian cities now are only prevalent in Kolkata and yellow taxi adds retro nostalgia.

Writer’s building, Xmas at Park Street, and Z for Kolkata zoo give a fantabulous beginning to the idea that you should plan a trip to this sweet city.

Every page and every chapter add to bringing the city of Rabindranath Tagore before the reader through words.

I got to understand the truth in the old Tamil song சொர்க்கமே என்றாலும் அது நம் ஊர போல வருமா which translates as even if it is heaven will it ever make up to my place, my city, and my country. This for sure resonates with every Indian including the author who showers love for her city through this short yet interesting read.

The Thank You Blog – Book Review

I rate the book 5/5 for it has given me a good number of reasons to visit the city of joy once in my life although it was on my travel bucket list already.

You can buy the book here.

The review is a part of blogchatter book review program

I thank the author for both giving me a travel experience through her words and also for allowing me to review her book.

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