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Blackhole – Book Review


About the book

Ishan Salman Panicker’s father is a Malayali Hindu and mother a Catholic tribal woman from Shillong. His maternal grandfather is a Muslim from Bangladesh. Father Joseph Kunnel prophesies a dark future for Ishan. Ishan escapes from the priest and his prophecies and arrives in Delhi with his wife Jenny. Delhi turns out to be a twirling black hole which drives Ishan to write his own gospel.

This novel is, short as it is, a complex work that probes the inevitable mystique and horror of life. The plot spans a whole century. Saints and sinners, Gandhi and Godse, Jesus and Krishna, and a whole range of ordinary people come together to continue the evolution of a 14-billion-year-old black hole.

About the Author

Tomichan Matheikal is a teacher by profession and a self-proclaimed writer by choice. He is just an ordinary person by world’s standards, who has capitulated more than once in the face of the challenges that life inevitably brings.

He ran away from two places where he worked quite successfully because he didn’t possess the basic common sense required to deal with certain practical problems. Writing is his choicest means of escape. Autumn Shadows is his fourth book and it is born out of his struggles with himself. He can be accessed at his blog:

The Thank You Blog Review

A book that deals with many human beings their lives, their story and why they do what they do, what made them do so are well said by the author’s descriptive way of Narrative.

All the characters in the story including the protagonist Ishaan Salman Panicker, his mother, his wife Jenny, the church Father, Mahendra Rana, Sitaram Rana, and every character gives away different human emotions that add the human element that makes the characters special in their way.

The Author drives in the Bible, The epic Mahabharata, and also the events from history to interest the reader.

The incidents, people both in the School and Ashram make the fact inevitably true that the book is contemporary fiction. The power play situations in both places make it very much relevant to present-day scenarios.

Ishaan always tries his best to get away from the influence of the church father but his story signifies the fact human beings are mere actors on the stage called life.

There is a whole lot of characters and their stories that come along like little branches to the big shady tree so somewhere there is a possibility that readers might get lost as though they have entered a puzzling room of mirrors that resemble the exit door in an amusement park. Altogether it is a book with a pinch of life, philosophy, politics, fun yet an interesting read with its twists and turns.

Blackhole – The Thank You Blog Review

I rate the book 4 upon 5 💫. I thank the author and blogchatter for allowing me to read and review the book.

You can buy your the book here.

The book review is a part of blogchatter book review program.

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